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Evil Debt, you, and Bruce Campbell -- Start your reign of terror against debt by heeding the wisdom of the Book of the Debt. Groovy!

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Evil Debt - Now Who's Laughing?

We take a firm stance against consumer debt consolidation. We work hard to bring you the most comprehensive and original positions on your options at achieving a total debt recovery today. We are your one-stop informational guide on all things debt and all things Bruce Campbell. We are Evil Debt and we are mad.

Evil Debt - Join us!

We exist solely to challenge you into taking a firm stance against your staggering debt problem. Don't allow yourself the luxury of becoming the passive victim to your creditors. Would Bruce Campbell's lovable "Ash" allow himself to be another casualty to the mighty seduction of credit? We seriously doubt it and so should you. In fact, you may just want to consider adopting some of the debt management procedures listed at the site.

Give me some sugar, baby

Use the pages of Evil Debt for all the right reasons. Sharpen all pointed edges. Bleat out the conflicting voices. Learn how to avoid the lure of the seduction of the coy zombies who work to bring you down and keep you down, in debt. When used the right way, the pages of this directory will teach you how to keep the trap door sealed permanently - to keep the cackling zombie cries at bay. Find out how you can team up with specialists who will work out negotiation plans with your creditors in order to score you discounted repayment plans at reduced interest rates. It's what effective and practical debt elimination strategists are all about.

Evil Debt provides asylum

Escape the hellish nightmare of all kinds of debt as you peruse our debt reduction pages. Once you are abreast of all the advances within this popular industry, you'll be able to navigate your progress and pay off your debt quicker than Sam Raimi's breakneck camera techniques. Achieve this with the popular consolidation programs, or, if you have access to a lump sum of cash with which to pay off debt in one full swoop - do it with a debt settlement.

Evil Debt - Who wants some?

We strongly urge you to compare auto insurance, like so many buckets of blood. Wash them away and take steps so that the heads never come rolling back. Squash that debt zombie, once and for all. Because we all get a second chance. It's up to you to determine if you will have a happy ending or not. Time to turn this flick around. Offer yourself an alternate ending and move on.

Credit card debt can and must be annihilated. Restore your credit as well as your pride.

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